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Principle Desk

"Arise, Awake & Stop Not, Till The Goal Is Reached"

Hello, I welcome you to RD International School, West Delhi. I hope that you will find the contents of this website as enthralling, exciting and invigorating as the reality of my daily experience as the Principal of this school. As I walk through the portals of this institution, I am captivated by the enthusiasm of our students, the expertise of our staff and the uniqueness of what we, as a school, offer our community. I hope you will have the same sense of joyful discovery as you navigate this site.

From a modest beginning in , our school has now grown into a fully integrated institution. Whether you are a prospective student, current student, teacher, staff member, parent, neighbuor, or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated in helping us nurture talent. We are dedicated to provide all students with a safe learning environment and the opportunity to develop into well rounded responsible citizens.

Our objective is to offer a diverse academic curriculum, wide array of extra-curricular activities and to continually strive to enhance our student's strength. Not only did we make tremendous academic strides in past years, but we also achieved significant athletic excellence. Clearly, our people are accepting the challenge to excel in all areas of school life and we plan to keep doing our best in serving the society by nourishing great minds.

As parents your words of encouragement to our staff and our students will go a long way in a process that requires a positive contribution by every member of the team. Thank you for your valuable support and interest in our institution of learning. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concern regarding the educational needs of your child. Your ideas and cooperation are important and critical to our success.

Founder Desk

“Dear Parents,
The foundation of R.D International Secondary School (Recg) Nangli Vihar to make the prosperous & bright future of students with your co operation. It is my humble request to all the parents to guide the children in a proper way to learn lesson of patriotism, disciplined soldier to respect their teachers parents & elders and also help the children to make the good environment of surrounding area so that they can achieve prosperity in the life. It is my request to all of you to give proper guidance to the children to become a good citizen as they play an important roll in the building of nation."


“Children are like cherubs sent by Him to beautify this colossal world It is their innocence and loving deeds that give us a glimpse of paradise To prevent the fall of this paradise is our responsibility To equip them with best education, great values and beliefs is our duty”

The core philosophy of RD International School is its endeavour to instill a value system in each individual, so as to help him withstand all the tests of time. We believe that true education is training of both the head & the heart. Academic excellence is desirable but inculcating good values is the essence of education.

We take upon the task of not only raising career conscious students but also socially responsible and global citizens. We aim to impart holistic education to ensure that our children grow up as individuals who are morally upright, emotionally balanced, culturally integrated, socially aware and spiritually oriented.


The school offers pollution free and eco-friendly environment located in lush green surroundings. It has well-ventilated classrooms, a hygienic and well-equipped cafeteria, clean washrooms, filtered drinking water and provides congenial surroundings. The building is earth-quake proof and so designed that it provides spacious vibrant classrooms, an administrative block and an activity hall with provisions for indoor games.

School Transport System The school has a multitude of buses maneuvered by experienced drivers & helpers (conductors) accessible from every corner of city and both are provided with mobile phone which can be used in case of any emergency. All students are expected to follow the bus rules.

E-Labs & Computer Labs

A fully fledged multimedia center with slide & LCD Projector, Cassette Recorder & Players and a number of audio, video cassettes along with CD-ROMs provide a practical and interactive learning environment. The Junior and Senior Computer Labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery with access to multimedia and internet. The school has an assortment of the best education software from all over the world. School provides an online curriculum in each class for all the subjects. Syllabus have been developed in 3-D animated live modules which are totally user friendly and ‘student oriented’. Students enjoy the teaching through 42” Big Plasma Monitor as it is interesting to understand the complicated fundamentals of different core subjects.

The E-classes are having many other benefits also such as, the classes can be used now as a language lab, audio/visual lab, internet equipped classes etc. Every class can be used as an E-library which has vast content of thousands of books and encyclopedia.


Library is the nerve center, a mirror and catalyst element of the academic functioning of any institution. Open shelf system is available to most of the books. The library has a very rich collection of books, journals, periodicals, best sellers, magazines and newspapers. It includes large volumes of reading and reference material at present.

Science Laboratories

Science labs for physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics fully equipped with model charts, instruments, chemicals and apparatus required by students in senior secondary school, maintained by efficient lab staff members." Learning by doing" opportunities help students in reviewing and reinforcing scientific & experimental concepts and developing investigative skills.

Dance Hall/Music Room

Students learn/rehearse a variety of dance styles including modern and hip hop, as well as traditional Indian dances. Students of all musical talent levels, and a variety of instruments, are encouraged to participate


RD International School approach to competitive sports is reflective of the school’s general philosophy. Cooperation and sportsmanship are essential to optimum team performance and the ability of each student to reach his/her personal best.

1 Name of the School with Address R D International School
297, Nangli Vihar Extn, Baprola, New Delhi, 110043
2 E mail
3 Phone No: 011-65575777 /9811189023/ 09210952256
4 Year of establishment of school 2004
5 Affiliation No. 2730728
6 School campus
In Acres
In sq. mtrs.
Built up area (sq. mtrs)
Area of playground in sq. mtrs.
Other facilities
Swimming Pool
Indoor games
Dance Rooms
Music Rooms
Health and Medical Check up

9.64 Acres
39000 sq. mtrs
2096 sq. mtrs.
25000 sq. mtrs.